Administrative Information

Parents are responsible for providing their mobile phone numbers (as well as their home phone numbers) to communicate in case of emergency.

Parents should inform the teacher if they are interested in staying in a classroom during the lesson.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with teachers and the administration any problems they have with the school’s programs, performance, etc. Parents are also encouraged to participate in the school regular surveys.
School is closed due to inclement weather in accordance with Montgomery County policy: if Montgomery County Public Schools are closed, Shalom Education Center is closed also.

Please check Montgomery County school closing or call JCC 301-881-0100.

Parents come with children on time and with appropriate supplies and materials, including books, pencils, and a binder for handout materials.

If child is sick, parents should notify ShalomEC by e-mail ( or phone (Ella: 301-564-0016, Tatyana: 301-633-4508).
Parents are encouraged to pay Tuition by Semester. If parents prefer to pay by month, tuition is due on the last Sunday of previous month for the next month. Only checks are accepted. Whether your child is present or not, ShalomEC honors its side of obligations and pays the cost of doing so. Parents pay for missed classes.

Classes Alef, Bet: $210/month

Classes Gimel, Dalet, Heh: $230/month

Separate classes by choice: $35/hour

Two classes by choice: $60/two

Individual classes: $40/hour

Parents pay for the second child 50% of regular class and no charges for third child.

Please be prepared to pay late fee $25 if you don’t pay in a timely manner.

Attention Parents!
Please remember that our goal is the safety and well-being of your children. We cannot be responsible for your children after the conclusion of the school day. We understand that emergencies happen, but please be respectful of our time and efforts in working with your children. All students must be picked up on time. You will be charged for any time the instructors must spend watching your child during post-program hours. 
Babysitting - $12/hour